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AvMap preview at AERO 2014

08 April 2014

AERO Friedrichshafen 2014
AvMap presents at AERO a new map representation for the popular EKP V multifunctional display.

Excellence in avionic maps: with 30 years of know-how in digital cartography and moving maps, AvMap is one of the few companies in the avionic market that creates its own maps for its avionic products, collecting data from many different sources.

For example in the AvMap EKP V's Europe-Africa map you will find: Jeppesen database for Europe and Africa, Avioportolano database, Letist Aerodrome Database, Data form European National AIPs, Nokia Here European street maps, approach plates and airport diagrams (IFR and VFR) for 40 European Countries provided by Seattle Avionics. As these maps are so rich of data, it is very important how these data are shown.

 "With many free apps out there, at AvMap we pride ourselves on using only the most reliable and official sources in order to provide the most complete and safest maps for your flight". Says Bjorn Nagelhout, Avionics Sales Manager at AvMap.  "We are presenting a new map representation at AERO 2014. As the data grow and the maps get richer and richer we felt the need to redesign our maps in order to avoid cluttering, and to make sure the pilot can access the most important info at a glance when he needs them".

Tidier maps for an easier reading
Colours, fonts and icons have been rethought and redesigned to create tidier and more immediate maps. A new palette for Land Elevation has been introduced (brown shades).

Uniformity of styles
For example Vertical Obstructions are now represented in blue instead of magenta, to be uniformed with the Jeppesen style.

Highlighted aeronautical data
AvMap has highlighted the aeronautical data (with respect to the terrestrial ones) in its maps, for you to find what you need quickly, but without loosing detail. Different colours for terrestrial and aeronautical names (black / gray) have been introduced.
New styles have been introduced for the 4 types of aeronautic objects: waypoints, VFR reporting points, airports and vertical obstructions.
What matters first
A lot of study and work has been done in this direction, for example, taller vertical obstructions are drawn first and appear more relevant. Sorting of airports points is done by their type so that less important airports never overlap more important ones.

Anti clutter
AvMap maps come now with anti-clutter tricks for vertical obstructions: for example in case of collision vertical obstructions are drawn in a semitransparent way. New MORA Minimum Off Route Altitudes display. New Font, size and semitransparent. City Names are displayed with new rules according to population and city areas.

Improved readability
A Smart zoom has been introduced: when important cities are on the screen smaller ones have smaller font, but once you zoom, and the important city goes out of screen the font size for the smaller cities is increased in relation to what is still displayed.

How to get the new map representation for your AvMap EKP V for free
This new map representation will be available with a free software update this week!
Just connect your EKP V to your PC / Map with the provided USB cable and open the AvMap Suite Desktop application (download it for free here) to get your software update for free.

If you wish to update your maps, you can choose in the AvMap suite which set of datayou wish to update for example you can buy just the Jeppesen database Update (and you can choose to buy just one cycle, or a yearly Update).


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